Thursday, November 15, 2012

Semi Photo Flop

          Last month I attempted in taking part in the October Photo-a-Day Challenge. Let's just say, I failed. I took a few at the beginning of the month, but kinda forgot/was too busy to finish up the challenge (a cheesy and cliche excuse, I know). Although I don't have photos for every single day of the month, I do have a few from when I actually did take some pictures.  Here's a few that I did take...

Day 1: Leaves

Day 2: In My Cup (hot chocolate)

Day 3: Shoes

Day 4: Up

Day 5: Light

Day 8: Shadows

Day 9: Me

        Sad, I know.  Only 7 pictures out of a possible 31.  Oh well.  It at least helped me to take pictures a little more often.  One thing I want to do and will do soon is actually complete one of these things.  Hopefully soon, my friends. 


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