Friday, December 28, 2012

Cisarik Kids Christmas Pictures!

     The afternoon of Christmas Eve Eve, my dad, siblings, and I went to a park to take pictures as a gift for my mom for Christmas (talk about slight procrastination).  We all had good family time together, which was much needed after the stress that always comes when picking out somewhat matching outfits for multiple people to wear for a photoshoot. By the way, photo props go to my dad- what a photographer!  We were going to use a tri-pod, but a person is more efficient and has the ability to make us laugh much more than a tri-pod, especially when that person is my dad.

       Anyway, Merry Christmas from the Cisariks!

Annnnd, my favorite of all.

      My mom cried when she saw the photos.  Either she really loves these pictures, or she really loves us.  I'd say it was a good combo of both.  Mission accomplished!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pitman Family

I love family.

     Especially this family.  The Pitmans should win an award for being the most sweet, loving, and adorable family ever.
Seriously... just look at 'em.

     Pitmans, thank you again. Y'all are the sweetest family.

     Merry Christmas! (even though it is technically over... I don't care. It's still festive at our house.)