Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kim Family -- Christmas 2012

       First off, it's exactly 26 days until Christmas.  (Whaaaattt?!!!! When did this happen?! I feel like this sneaks up on you more often when you grow older. Strange.)  Anywho, I had the privilege to shoot the Kim's Christmas family pictures again.  You can see their Christmas pictures from last year here.  It was kinda funny taking their pictures when it was in the 80's outside, but hey y'all, this is Texas.  It's how we roll.

       The Kim family is precious, I absolutely adore them and am so thankful to them for asking me to take their pictures again.

        Dear Kims, thank you for allowing me to take these pictures for y'all.  You guys are wonderful.  Merry Christmas everyone! As strange as that may sound...


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